Noise Reduction

Superior Noise Reduction Over Double Glazing

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People try all sorts of different things to reduce the amount of noise that seeps through the windows:

  • Changing to double­‐glazing
  • Getting thick curtains
  • Draught-­proofing

However, with all these methods, the most you can expect is a 10% reduction in noise.
So it really isn't worth the time and money spent on these methods for a small reduction. Very frequently, we get asked to install our secondary glazing in windows in new-­builds where double­‐glazing is already present!

Why Secondary Glazing Is The Best Option

In order to produce a good level of sound-­‐proofing, you need ensure there is a good amount of space between the two points of contact. Therefore, at Concept Glass, we ensure that our secondary glazing is installed with a large enough cavity from the primary window so that maximum insulation is achieved. Of course we will need to consider the design aspect of the window, but by giving enough space, we maximise the capacity of the sound reduction.

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