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An affordable and environmentally friendly solution to help insulate your home and help with noise pollution


We use only the best quality materials and our work is completed to the highest standard, while keeping costs as low as possible


No matter what room or window style, our secondary glazing is the ideal solution for every room in your home.


No matter what shape, style or size of window, we can undertake all secondary glazing work on any type of building


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We are renowned for the excellent service we offer and have built our reputation on providing top quality products that offer great value for money. Our secondary glazing is suitable for all types of premises, including grade one and two listed buildings, schools, colleges, hospitals, universities, hotels, churches and commercial buildings.

Concept Secondary Glazing Offer an Extensive Range of Quality Aluminium, PVC, Steel and Timber-Aluminium Glazing Products to suit all commercial properties. Our designs allow us to work with: -

*Fire escape access
*Safety glass regulations are complied with
*All glass surfaces can be easily cleaned

All of the secondary windows are:
*Made to measure
*Shrink-wrapped for protection
*Installed & excellent after sales service


We supply and install top quality aluminium secondary glazing. Our range of secondary glazing systems have been developed for over 20 years to ensure that they offer:
*The best secondary glazing for thermal insulation
*The best secondary glazing for noise reduction
*Added security
*Condensation control
*Finishes & styles to suit all types of primary windows
*Years of robust, trouble-free service
*A discreet, unobtrusive finish

Secondary double Glazing is a very cost-effective method of thermal insulation and soundproofing for all types of windows and doors.


Noise Reduction
Tests were carried out by Chiltern Dynamics in October and November 2012 under laboratory conditions in accordance with BS EN ISO 1014-2 "Laboratory measurement of airborne sound insulation of building elements.Noise reduction is always stated as the combined noise reduction of the primary window plus any secondary glazing. Tests show that, in a typical situation, the noise that you hear without secondary glazing is 400% greater. In other words, from a starting point of 50dB the level of noise that you hear decreased by 20dB, so it is halved (10dB) and then halved again.

By fitting secondary glazing with 6.4mm laminated acoustic glass and a 75mm cavity, the level of noise experience decreased by 75%

Thermal Insulation
The following secondary glazing thermal insulation test was carried out in Switzerland by the Interver Glass Technology specialist glass testing facility for an installation in EIRE:

The existing primary window was traditional timber framed with putty glazed 4mm float glass. The cavity was a typical unsealed 85mm. The secondary window was our standard white finished aluminium secondary glazing unit with hardwood fixing sub frame and channel, glazed with 4mm Pilkington "k" hard coat low "E" glass. Thermal window insulation is always stated as the combined thermal insulation of the primary window plus any secondary glazing:

The combined window thermal insulation U value for this configuration was 1.868 W/m2K. This will be equivalnet to a WER rating scale of B or C. By fitting the secondary glazing with double glazed low E "K" glass we can achieve a WER Rating Scale of A RATED

Our working processin 3 steps

With Concept Glass, we like to keep things simple and hassle free. Our process can be broken down into 3 simple steps.

We always provide an exceptional service and only use the highest quality products

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